Gendered Insults (AKA YOUR A BITCH!)

I found this blog here, that talks about gendered insults. Mainly, about the terms Bitch and Cunt. And how, oh my god, they can hurt the feelings of others. Such a sad state of affairs, boo hoo.

Now, I rarely use the term Cunt. That is saved for those that I hate the most amongst females. Come to think on it, I think I’ve called all of two people cunts. It’s not what it means (yes, I’m saying vagina), but the force of it. I could care less what people think about what I say, and that’s the same for cunt.

Bitch? What the fuck is wrong with bitch? Fuck, which the person who wrote the blog used a bit, is about sexual intercourse, fucking is about the act of the Man FUCKING the woman. So, how is this ok to use? This is just some hypocrisy used by the blogger. This is the feminist ideals the hurt my head.

Calling a man a cocksucker is sexist, but in the fact your calling him gay, not a woman. Calling a woman a muff diver is sexist, cause it’s calling her a lesbo. Calling a man a muff diver is generally considered a compliment, as that means that he can get pussy.

My wish for all people is to grow stronger skins. If it is gendered insults, sexual insults, or racist insults. I don’t give a shit. Grow up, and realize that as long as women call women bitches, and blacks (no, not African Americans, their only that if they were born in Africa, otherwise their Americans, and can get over the African part, or you can start calling me a Norwegian, Scottish, Irish, Native American)call blacks nigger, and Hispanics call Hispanics spics, it’s going to keep happening. When a certain part of the people use these terms against each other as insults, why the fuck wouldn’t the rest of the people do the same?

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