New Photos/Sections

As you can tell, there are new sections on the top links. Photos and BDSM/Gorean Photos. Have a possible photo shoot with one of the models soon to add even more there. Just a warning, those photos may including nudity (as of this writing, none do), but this is a forward warning.

RPers versus Lifestyle in Gor

This is another one that deals with Gor itself, not Cartoons, or BDSM in general. Now, what some don’t know is that there are two sides to those that follow the Gorean Philosophies, the RPers, and the Lifestylers. Now, there is a difference, and the debate on which is correct will rage forever, but, again, this is about MY views, not the views of everyone else in the world.

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Gorean – The Philosophies from the Books of Gor

Now, the name of this site is Gorean Refuge. But what does that really mean? And why would I say that it’s a refuge for Goreans when I’m the only one that blogs here? The whole point of this post is to explain why I feel the way I do about something that means alot to me, the philosophies from Dr. John Lang, aka, John Norman’s Books of Gor. Now, to some, this may offend, so please leave now if that is the case.

Cover of Tarnsman of Gor Now, as can be seen from the picture at the left, a mostly nude woman with her hands in shackles, and that is the image that most people have of Gor. They see it as an attack on feminist values (true), and a want to enslave the population (untrue). The books themselves were meant as a way for the Good Doctor to get his ideals out to the masses, as, at the time, he was black listed from publishing do to his views on Natural Selection. What that means is a part of any population is going to be naturally dominant over another part. And, to his thinking, and that of most Goreans, that is the male part of the population.

Now, I’m not going to go into his research, a simple google search can bring up that information. But, instead, I’m going to go into what I think of his writing, and why I base my life on it. Continue reading


This is written for my wife. As a disclaimer, me and my wife are in a BDSM M/s relationship known as a Gorean Relationship (information here), it is very, how will do you say, unliked by many feminazis around the world.

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