PR Checker

It seems that people are looking for a page rank checker. So, I will link to the site that I use. Then, I will link to a few others that are out there. All of the page checkers I’ve found that have buttons use code that I cannot use on, so you’ll have to look into it yourself.

Links are as follows (this one doesn’t seem to be working after the last page rank update)

You can also sign up for google webmaster tools if your the webmaster. However, that just shows the page ranks of pages (with a graphic that I still haven’t figured out).

Also, you can check out to see who links to you through google. The site also give you code that you can add to your website to see your link popularity.

It comes out like this Who links to my website?

As you can tell, this blog is still so new, that Google has no stats for it. That, and the cached thumbnail is old.

Google Page Rank (or, how do I get it?)

Now, there are many ways to add to your google rank. But why would you? Well, there are a few reasons that adding to the Page Rank is a good idea.

First and foremost, google states that Page Rank is the backbone for how your site shows up in their index. That means that a site with a pagerank of 0 will show up on page 1,000,000 while a site with a page rank of 10 may just show up on page 1. Of course, if your attempting to drive traffic to your site, being on page 1 or 2 is much better then page 10. I know I generally stop viewing after page 3 when searching for a specific term/website. We’re in the information age, yes, but we are also in the Now Age. Which means, people want that information now, not later. Continue reading