Shark in the water

This is more about the comments then the article itself. And how about half the comments really showed how much people DIDN’T read the article, or have no clue how anything non-human works.

So, one of my rss feeds brought me this story about a shark that killed a swimmer in LA. Article was pretty straight forward, about how the man was swimming in deep water, and the shark may have thought that he was a seal. However, it seems that people never expected an attack at this beach.

Now, out here in Clearwater, shark attacks are EXTREMELY rare. We don’t really have the normal food of sharks in the bay. However, there may have been seals, and other things that sharks eat, in the area that the swimmer was.
Now, the comments are were things went crazy. Some of them were talking about how they were glad that a “liberal” man from LA was killed. However, no where in the story did it say that the dead man was a liberal. Then, there are those saying “GOOD JOB SHARK, SHARK GETS BACK AT HUMAN.” Again, these people are NOT reading the story that was posted, instead allowing their stupidity to come through. It’s not like MILLIONS of people have access to the comments on the story, or that they just may know you. No, nothing like that. Continue reading