I’m not going to bitch or shout about the Presidential election, or the congressional election.  I’m just going to wait for gas prices to reach $5 dollars a half gallon, and for every other price of everything else in the world to go up as it does when taxes on the upper-middle class and upper class go up.  It’s called trickle down economy, and when they have extra money, they don’t feel the need to charge us as much, but now that they will be losing more money…..

Three states have now added new laws that bar same sex marriage.  Florida, Arizona, and….get this one….California.     The last one really confuses me.  Whatever.

Clintons True Colors

And I do mean colors. I just have this issue with lefties saying they don’t like racist comments, and then one of the Poster Boys (sorry, Gi….no, I was right, Boys) lets out a nice one.

As reported by CNN, Clinton let it all hang out. The fact that only the White Vote counts for the Dems. She was quoted as saying, “These are the people you have to win if you’re a Democrat in sufficient numbers to actually win the election,” she said. “Everybody knows that.” Now, to make sure it’s in perspective, the reason she said that was that polls are showing that whites are turning from Obama. However, polls are also showing that SHE is loosing the white vote. From 65% to 60%. So, where are they all going? Continue reading