About Me

I am a normal guy, with some not normal tastes. Most of my poetry is BDSM related, were as my stories and artwork is normally not. However, that does not mean that artwork and photography will NOT be BDSM or Sexual related, but not at this moment.

I am a fan of nude artwork, as long as it’s in taste. There is a LARGE difference between Porn and Erotic work. Even though, as most men, I do enjoy porn every so often (mostly for the humor value then anything else).

Do to my Gorean nature, my views are outside the norm. I claim allegiance to no political party, nor do I plan on it. I vote on the issues, not party lines.

I am a Roleplayer in White Wolfs Old World of Darkness Live Action Roleplaying Games.

I have been a manager, an appointment setter, sold AOL, worked for McDonalds, and am currently unemployed. Unlike most in that situation, I have been trying to find work, just no one seems to be looking for people without degrees.

I have attempted college twice, and had to drop out twice due to issues outside of my control. I am suppose to be starting again this fall, but that will depend on work.

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