Humiliation Ideas

So, going through my stats, I see alot of people have found this blog looking for ideas on humiliation play.  So, I have gone through the net, and found a few sites that give great ideas, as well as the pros and cons of such play.

But, first, my take on it.  I’ve already posted about Humiliation Play before, but it was really a rant, and didn’t really give any good ideas.  Also, as with any other play, make sure that things that are OBVIOUSLY sexual are consented to by everyone (and I don’t mean collar/lead, Master/Mistress.  I mean walking someone around on a lead while their naked).

The most simple form of Humiliation is the sub calling the Dom Sir, Madame, Master, etc in public.  Simple, and in many ways it’s not interfereing with anyone else.  The same goes for a name change (such as my former kajira being renamed bina and rana).  More direct ways would be the Dom calling the sub whore, bitch, bastard, slut, cunt, etc in public.  Now, this may backfire, as people will start looking at you as abusive.  If you don’t care, that’s fine.  But, if you do, or you’re in a public eye job (security, law enforcement, military, politics) than this is perhaps a bad idea.

Clothing is also great.  A uniform (schoolgirl is always a favorite for people), or lack/addition of clothing (I’ve noticed most females are fine going braless, but pantyless is another thing.)  As one of the sites I will link suggest, lack of clothing with sheer/see-through clothing can be great.  But, make sure that you’re not breaking any laws in public.  Cross dressing also works, but likely less for female subs/slaves, as many females wear male clothing now.

Nudity in public, or some sort of hidden public play work well.  One of my favorite things to do is play with a girl while somewhere that is public.  Under a table, in the car while driving, etc.  This adds in the “what if we get caught” mentality.  Again, this can backfire baddly, as in many cases it’s illegal.

Forced age play could also work.  See the aforementioned school girl uniform.

Now, for the links

Learn from my mistakes

The title says everything.  This post is to make sure others learn from where I fucked up.  I know I’ve been bad, and having posted anything in a long time.  But, here it goes.

I fucked up.  Yeah, I have issues saying that.  But I did.  How did I fuck up?  Well, here is the story (names have been changed, but anyone that knows me will know who I’m talking about.)

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Well, hopefully.  In the last year, there has been a ton of changes, but that should mean I can update again.  I will attempt to update at least once a week or so, perhaps more.