Well, I have decided a bit late to join in on the November Writting month.  I have to write almost 3000 words a day in a novel form.  So far, I’m up to it.  And then some.  Will post some of the writing here at a later date.


So, for my two, today has been a crappy day.  I had a decent day.  So, I guess fate hit them in the head.

Should be posting a long thing tomorrow.

Go to take my Computerized Placement Test at SPC on Thursday morning sometime.


I’m not going to bitch or shout about the Presidential election, or the congressional election.  I’m just going to wait for gas prices to reach $5 dollars a half gallon, and for every other price of everything else in the world to go up as it does when taxes on the upper-middle class and upper class go up.  It’s called trickle down economy, and when they have extra money, they don’t feel the need to charge us as much, but now that they will be losing more money…..

Three states have now added new laws that bar same sex marriage.  Florida, Arizona, and….get this one….California.     The last one really confuses me.  Whatever.

BDSM Play: Crops

I haven’t done on of these in a while, so I thought I might as well start off with something that I’m just really not into, and that is crops.  There are many reasons for this (including a bad domme that weilded a crop like a broadsword), but I will still attempt to give an un-biased view of the tool.

For those that don’t know, a crop is something that is generally used on horses, and looks like the picture that is posted.  Many people find many differnet reasons to use them, the only good I get out of them is punishment (my girls don’t enjoy the type of pain that comes from a crop.

Horse Crops

Now, for those few that do not know, a crop gives a stinging pain.  That is not the only downside to it.  If used incorrectly, then it can also break the skin, causing even more issues (such as infection).  These tools have been designed to be used against the flank of a horse, not the ass of a human, and some forget that difference.  Obviously, there are those that choose to forget it as well.

Other then that, really, have fun