Well, one of my girls got onto me about something.  Something that she was right about.  I’ve stopped really posting here.  And that is my own fault.  So, therefore, I will start to do so again soon.

Two of the posts will be stolen in a way from my girls blog.  A bit different, but still close enough to be able to write about.  Hopefully, the first one will be up tomorrow.

However, this blog was suppose to be about anything I wish to write about.  Not only Gor and BDSM, but cartoons, movies, politics, etc…  And that’s something that I have gone away from, instead consentrating on BDSM in the news pieces that have intrested me.  That will not stop, but will not be the primary focus of this blog.

As I stated in the post below this one, I have a second blog that will be updated, hopefully at least every other day.  That will be were most of my spiritual and religious things go.  But not all, as seen in said post.  When those thoughts have to do with Gor or BDSM, then I will also bring them over here.

For now, that is all.  My mind has shut down (I though a large piece of cake, and a turkey sandwhich were a great idea for dinner, and I hate cake).  So, good night.

One Response

  1. Master,

    Which posts?

    bina, yup, yours.

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