Sex and Spirituality

Stole this from my other blog, which normally isn’t about sex, or that wasn’t the idea, but, hey, it happens.  You can find the post here, as well as my musings on religion in general.

I’ve been mulling over this one most of the day.  The idea came from rereading DaVinci Code for the third or forth time.  So, here we go.

Many beliefs in the world make sex a spiritual act.  Even, in a way, Christians.  Where as many have felt that sex made you closer to god (which, I agree with, more on that coming up), some have made it a spiritually bad idea (many Christian sects have restrictions on sex, and many feel that Ministers must be chaste.)  No matter the ideals, it’s a spiritual thing.

As for the closer to god.  To me, a true orgasm is when there is a spiritual release.  This is why I have never been one for one night stands (has happened, though).  When two people have intercourse, anal, or anything that two bodies become one, they have full-filled the duality that is life.  Two have become one.  Therefore, they have come closer to the gods themselves.  For many, there is a spiritual connection that happens at that time.  Yes, that can be logically explained by the chemical connection that we still have from our more primal ancestors, but that is not what I see.  And, again, this is all about me, and my journey.

I also do not feel that anyone that has not experienced it can denounce sex.  At least the spiritual side of it.  Knowing your partners, and knowing if they have something that can kill you is always a good ideal to hold.  It is not something that should be held onto till the day you marry.  I have seen to many marriages fall apart because the people are sexually incompatible.  But that is a rant for another time.

Even the different types of sex can be spiritual in nature.  BDSM is a release for most.  For sadists, it’s the release of what is held in check all the time, for those of a dominate nature, it’s the release of having to be submissive to another.  Many feel that this is also true of the soul, and the soul is what grants us our wants and desires.  Therefore, the submissive person that wants to serve is doing something that is relevant to their souls wants, as well as the physical side (and that is not including Worshiping things).  This is something that many anti-bdsm people forget to look at.  Am I saying that everyone should hold a whip, or be on the other side of one?  No, as not everyone needs that release.  However, if your body and mind are wanting a release that you will not fulfill, then how can you honestly give your spirit a release.

There are also many rites and rituals that include sex.  Many “magical” religions have sex rites, and they are considered the most sacred of rights.  The Egyptians and many other “pagan” peoples felt that a man must have sex with a woman, due to the fact that the woman is closer to the gods, as the she is the one that can fulfill something only gods can, bringing another life into this world.

There are more thoughts to this, but I have already typed up more then I thought I would.  Good night.