Slavery in the news

Found an interesting article about a “slave” that became a slave.  Well, kinda.

Seems this girl decided after a year that she no longer wanted to be part of the relationship.  However, SHE KEPT COMING BACK FOR MORE!  Yes, even though at the start, it seems that she was in a different state, she kept coming back to her “Master” for more punishment, and to have him place her pictures on the Internet.

However, because she had decided four years earlier that she no longer was wanting part of the relationship, the man was convicted.  Why?  Well, because, a woman can decide up to 7 years later that sex wasn’t consensual, and the guy can go to jail.  Why would that be different for slavery?

When people get into these relationships, they need to look at the long term.  Both the Dom, and sub, or in this case the Master and the slave.  What is the possibility that this girl will, in a year or so, call foul?  What is the chance that this guy is really abusive, and not a man that will take care of her.

There is to much anti-anything in this world.  Now that gay bashing is considered a hate crime in most states, that really only leaves our world.

3 Responses

  1. Very valid points made here. I look at things in a similar manner. Those who approach this lifestyle with a cocky bravado are setting themselves up for a fall. Consensual is that when the sub/slave agrees. If that person goes back on the agreement, it is slavery.

    Thank you for visiting my blog at

    Excellent BDSM blog that you have here.

  2. that true?some guy getting convicted?

  3. More then one. Has happened over and over. Last update, his conviction was overturned, but he can be retried on other offenses (including a bypass of the double jeopardy law, because of the way the first charges were filed.)

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