Slavery in the news

Found an interesting article about a “slave” that became a slave.  Well, kinda.

Seems this girl decided after a year that she no longer wanted to be part of the relationship.  However, SHE KEPT COMING BACK FOR MORE!  Yes, even though at the start, it seems that she was in a different state, she kept coming back to her “Master” for more punishment, and to have him place her pictures on the Internet.

However, because she had decided four years earlier that she no longer was wanting part of the relationship, the man was convicted.  Why?  Well, because, a woman can decide up to 7 years later that sex wasn’t consensual, and the guy can go to jail.  Why would that be different for slavery?

When people get into these relationships, they need to look at the long term.  Both the Dom, and sub, or in this case the Master and the slave.  What is the possibility that this girl will, in a year or so, call foul?  What is the chance that this guy is really abusive, and not a man that will take care of her.

There is to much anti-anything in this world.  Now that gay bashing is considered a hate crime in most states, that really only leaves our world.

My lesson in chalk

::she sighs deeply grumbling under her breath something about
as she begins to mark on the blackboard with her chalk::

i will not grope Master in public

i will not splash chocolate puddin’ on Master

i will not climb onto Master’s lap while i am soaking wet

i will not hold up the line in the grocery store while explaining why i wear a bracelet that says slave

i will not plan when to paint my toenails a different color while receiving a spanking

i will not hide Master’s crop

i will not call out our safe word when Master is driving too fast

i can not ground Master

i will resist my urge to duct tape newbies that want punishment

i will not giggle when Master gives His ’serious’ look

i will not send the newbies out to collect trolls for the weekly auction

i will not wear granny panties tho they are much more comfy

i will not roll my eyes behind Master’s back

i will not eat all of Master’s chocolate and strawberries

i will not paint the bondage table pink

i will not suggest punishments for others

i will not ping m & m’s at Master then look around all innocent and chit

i will not put on a extra big tee-shirt and sweats when Master is expecting company

i will not pull all the feathers out of Master’s tickler

i will not poke holes in Master’s inflatable toys

i will not hide the batteries for Master’s violet wand

i will not paint pretty flowers on Master’s whip and flogger handles

i will not give the kids Master’s bondage ropes to play jump rope with

Master is always right

i will not call Master dumplin or sugar plum

i will not use the cross to hang clothes to dry

i will not tie Master’s shoe laces together while draped over His lap for a spanking

i will not use the nipple clamps to hang clothes on the line

i will not hang ‘i’m subbie, spank me’ signs on newbies backs

i will not practice my rope tieing skills with Master’s bondage ropes and put them up with the knots still in

i will not give Master ‘zerberts’ when He is lecturing me

i will not super glue Master’s nipple clamps together
and last but not least …

i will not tear pages out of Master’s ‘1001 Ways To Dom’ book and hide them

I got this list from another blog and I found it very amusing, it did not however have a authors name with it so if you are the author or know of the author then please contact me and I will give credit where it is due

Thank you

New girl blues

Fun oh fun, so, as I stated not long ago, I have a new girl.  I just found out that she thought she was pregenet, and keeping that fear away from me.  And, yes, it’s a fear.  New relationship, she just started college, her parents are supportave, but may not be supportave of this.

So, for my readers, this is the fun part.  This is what makes being a Gorean Master enjoyable for a sadist.  Getting those fears out of her.  And it’s going to be painful for her.  And I will enjoy every moment of it.