Why do you want to be a Master?

Why do I want to be a Master?  This question has been asked in many different ways, for many different reasons on every forum I have been to.  And the reasons are as varied as the Men that are on the boards.  But, here is my reasoning, and the thoughts behind it.

Being a Master has been something that I was building to for many years, without knowing it.  I started down the path on the other side of the whip, not know why things just didn’t feel right.  But, in the end, I saw the light, thanks to bina, who first got me to read the Gorean books.  Of course, she warned me not to think about the sex in the books, but that was something different entirely.

Yes, I enjoy being the one in charge, but then I could simply call my self a Dom, and be over it.  Even following the Gorean pathos, doesn’t mean that I have to be a Master, just a Man.  But, there is just something about having a girl at my beck and call that gets to me.  Having the ability to tell her to do something, and know that she will, even if it is something that normally she would never do, just to please me.  And that, my friends, is key one.

Key two is simple.  I just enjoy it.  That fucking simple.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be in the lifestyle at all, now would I?  Maybe in five or six years I would find my way to it, or I could be like the 60 and 70 year old Doms that are messaging my 18 year old slave, looking for a night on the town.  But that is nothing that I want to do.  At that point, I might as well just curl up and die.

I really don’t have much more to say on this issue, at least that I can think of with a stuffy head, but I may add more in the future.

What does being a Master mean to you?

As I said, I would be taking some time to, in a way, reply to something that was posted on the girls page.  It, obviously, about being a slave, but I am not one, so I had to change one letter.  So, here we go.

Being a Master is different than being a Dom.  In truth, being a Dom is easy, all you have to be is bossy.  That’s it.  Being a Master brings out much more then that.  It brings out the want to protect that which you own, with your life if need be.  It also means loving in some way the slaves that you have in your possion. It also means taking care of those slaves, even if you are wanting something different.

Generally, I’m not over protective.  I fully believe in Darwinism.  That does not mean that I will not protect that which is mine.  If the girls are in danger from something, being it physical, or emotional, it is my responsiblity to take care of the issues.  And that may not always be the most fun thing that I had planned.  It may mean less sex, or I stay in for a day, or that I just sit still and listen, even when I have other plans for the day.  But that is less important then the health of the girls that have given themselves to me.

There are many that ignore that, that will allow their property to get sick, and still think that the girl/boy can serve them with the same gusto that they did a few weeks ago.  And those are the ones that will have a broken toy in a few weeks.  It’s that simple.  When a person is sick, they are not able to do a fifth of the stuff they normally can, let alone with grace and cunning.

Luckily, I have yet to have to defend the girls in a physical sense.  No, that does not mean kicking the shit out of anyone that looks at them, or even touches them.  I mean more that they have not been attacked.  And that is good.  However, it’s also my job to defend them against that.  Well, if I can.

As for love.  There are many out there that do not “love” the people that have given themselves over to the person they call Master.  I do not mean love as in the classical sense, but just a general love of the slave.  If you do not in some way love the person, you are not going to look out for them in the same way you would a girl/boyfriend, or such.  And that can cause emotional harm.

That does not mean that you have to be “in-love” with them, just that you have to have love for your property.  I have been lucky, and found two girls that I can really love, fully, and have it returned.  Many will not be able to find something similar.  However, if I did not love them, I would have bina up cleaning now, even though she has caught the plauge, and I will punish rana for missing class, even though she caught the plague.  (Doesn’t mean they won’t be punished for not being pleasing, but it’ll be something like saying “I’m Punished” for it).

Both of the above points really tie into this one.  Taking care of the property.  A Master must take care of his property, even if there are other things that he would like to do.  That includes feeding, clothing, a roof over their head, and entertainment.  I include knoweldge into the pile, as I enjoy a thought out debate.  Taking a girl that has fallen and hurt herself into your arms for comfort may be enough, or rushing her to the ER may be what is order, but you are still taking care of them.

Emotionally, it may be harder.  Neither in person, or online, have I met a person that calls themselves slave that do not have some emotional issues.  Normally, it stems from previous relationships (either a bad Master, or a person that would not allow themselves to be what they wished to be.)  And that can be rough for everyone involved, but it is something that must be worked through.


Well, one of my girls got onto me about something.  Something that she was right about.  I’ve stopped really posting here.  And that is my own fault.  So, therefore, I will start to do so again soon.

Two of the posts will be stolen in a way from my girls blog.  A bit different, but still close enough to be able to write about.  Hopefully, the first one will be up tomorrow.

However, this blog was suppose to be about anything I wish to write about.  Not only Gor and BDSM, but cartoons, movies, politics, etc…  And that’s something that I have gone away from, instead consentrating on BDSM in the news pieces that have intrested me.  That will not stop, but will not be the primary focus of this blog.

As I stated in the post below this one, I have a second blog that will be updated, hopefully at least every other day.  That will be were most of my spiritual and religious things go.  But not all, as seen in said post.  When those thoughts have to do with Gor or BDSM, then I will also bring them over here.

For now, that is all.  My mind has shut down (I though a large piece of cake, and a turkey sandwhich were a great idea for dinner, and I hate cake).  So, good night.

Sex and Spirituality

Stole this from my other blog, which normally isn’t about sex, or that wasn’t the idea, but, hey, it happens.  You can find the post here, as well as my musings on religion in general.

I’ve been mulling over this one most of the day.  The idea came from rereading DaVinci Code for the third or forth time.  So, here we go.

Many beliefs in the world make sex a spiritual act.  Even, in a way, Christians.  Where as many have felt that sex made you closer to god (which, I agree with, more on that coming up), some have made it a spiritually bad idea (many Christian sects have restrictions on sex, and many feel that Ministers must be chaste.)  No matter the ideals, it’s a spiritual thing.

As for the closer to god.  To me, a true orgasm is when there is a spiritual release.  This is why I have never been one for one night stands (has happened, though).  When two people have intercourse, anal, or anything that two bodies become one, they have full-filled the duality that is life.  Two have become one.  Therefore, they have come closer to the gods themselves.  For many, there is a spiritual connection that happens at that time.  Yes, that can be logically explained by the chemical connection that we still have from our more primal ancestors, but that is not what I see.  And, again, this is all about me, and my journey.

I also do not feel that anyone that has not experienced it can denounce sex.  At least the spiritual side of it.  Knowing your partners, and knowing if they have something that can kill you is always a good ideal to hold.  It is not something that should be held onto till the day you marry.  I have seen to many marriages fall apart because the people are sexually incompatible.  But that is a rant for another time.

Even the different types of sex can be spiritual in nature.  BDSM is a release for most.  For sadists, it’s the release of what is held in check all the time, for those of a dominate nature, it’s the release of having to be submissive to another.  Many feel that this is also true of the soul, and the soul is what grants us our wants and desires.  Therefore, the submissive person that wants to serve is doing something that is relevant to their souls wants, as well as the physical side (and that is not including Worshiping things).  This is something that many anti-bdsm people forget to look at.  Am I saying that everyone should hold a whip, or be on the other side of one?  No, as not everyone needs that release.  However, if your body and mind are wanting a release that you will not fulfill, then how can you honestly give your spirit a release.

There are also many rites and rituals that include sex.  Many “magical” religions have sex rites, and they are considered the most sacred of rights.  The Egyptians and many other “pagan” peoples felt that a man must have sex with a woman, due to the fact that the woman is closer to the gods, as the she is the one that can fulfill something only gods can, bringing another life into this world.

There are more thoughts to this, but I have already typed up more then I thought I would.  Good night.

Men into BDSM may be happier then normal men?

This survey was done down under.  I’m trying to find the survey itself, but this article goes into the findings.

It seems, that men that practice BDSM may not only be happier then men that do not, but also have less psychological issues then men that only practice straight sex.

Not that it’s anything to write home about.  Most of us in the lifestyle have known this for some time.  But, you know, most people think that we’re weird.  Ok, so I find many fetishes strange, but so what?  I could care a shit less about what you do, as long as it doesn’t affect me.

So, I’m going to go and be happier than the average bear now. 🙂

Oh, and so I can use the new polling option.

Slavery in the news

Found an interesting article about a “slave” that became a slave.  Well, kinda.

Seems this girl decided after a year that she no longer wanted to be part of the relationship.  However, SHE KEPT COMING BACK FOR MORE!  Yes, even though at the start, it seems that she was in a different state, she kept coming back to her “Master” for more punishment, and to have him place her pictures on the Internet.

However, because she had decided four years earlier that she no longer was wanting part of the relationship, the man was convicted.  Why?  Well, because, a woman can decide up to 7 years later that sex wasn’t consensual, and the guy can go to jail.  Why would that be different for slavery?

When people get into these relationships, they need to look at the long term.  Both the Dom, and sub, or in this case the Master and the slave.  What is the possibility that this girl will, in a year or so, call foul?  What is the chance that this guy is really abusive, and not a man that will take care of her.

There is to much anti-anything in this world.  Now that gay bashing is considered a hate crime in most states, that really only leaves our world.

My lesson in chalk

::she sighs deeply grumbling under her breath something about
as she begins to mark on the blackboard with her chalk::

i will not grope Master in public

i will not splash chocolate puddin’ on Master

i will not climb onto Master’s lap while i am soaking wet

i will not hold up the line in the grocery store while explaining why i wear a bracelet that says slave

i will not plan when to paint my toenails a different color while receiving a spanking

i will not hide Master’s crop

i will not call out our safe word when Master is driving too fast

i can not ground Master

i will resist my urge to duct tape newbies that want punishment

i will not giggle when Master gives His ’serious’ look

i will not send the newbies out to collect trolls for the weekly auction

i will not wear granny panties tho they are much more comfy

i will not roll my eyes behind Master’s back

i will not eat all of Master’s chocolate and strawberries

i will not paint the bondage table pink

i will not suggest punishments for others

i will not ping m & m’s at Master then look around all innocent and chit

i will not put on a extra big tee-shirt and sweats when Master is expecting company

i will not pull all the feathers out of Master’s tickler

i will not poke holes in Master’s inflatable toys

i will not hide the batteries for Master’s violet wand

i will not paint pretty flowers on Master’s whip and flogger handles

i will not give the kids Master’s bondage ropes to play jump rope with

Master is always right

i will not call Master dumplin or sugar plum

i will not use the cross to hang clothes to dry

i will not tie Master’s shoe laces together while draped over His lap for a spanking

i will not use the nipple clamps to hang clothes on the line

i will not hang ‘i’m subbie, spank me’ signs on newbies backs

i will not practice my rope tieing skills with Master’s bondage ropes and put them up with the knots still in

i will not give Master ‘zerberts’ when He is lecturing me

i will not super glue Master’s nipple clamps together
and last but not least …

i will not tear pages out of Master’s ‘1001 Ways To Dom’ book and hide them

I got this list from another blog and I found it very amusing, it did not however have a authors name with it so if you are the author or know of the author then please contact me and I will give credit where it is due

Thank you