Reposted with permission from The Thoughts.

Sex. Such an ugly word. Not like fuck. That’s a great word.

Now, onto what I really want to say in this one.

People have an aversion to sex. This is something I don’t really understand. It’s a basic human principle. People need (yes, need), to climax whenever possible. It’s been proven. I’ll even link to an article about it. There, I’ve done my fucking civic duty.

It’s just fucking wrong to talk about sex.  Why?  Why the fuck should I watch what I’m talking about around children?  “Children should be protected from things”.  WHAT THE FUCK?  Walk down the fucking street.  All you see is sex.  Don’t deny it.  Theres sex on the billboards.  Theres sex in the shops.  And I’m not talking about porn.  Just sex.  Seduction.  That’s how people attempt to sell things.  Not on how good the shit is, but on how sexy the models are.

Not only that, but we need sex.  As a species.  With out it, our species dies.  Simple as that.   No shit.  We die.

So, what’s the fucking point?  We need more sex in our lives.  That’s the point.  We need to get out of the idea that sex is something that is taboo.  It’s not.  It’s something we fucking need.  And people need to realize that.  Not fucking stop talking when someone mentions it.  Not to fucking joke about it.  We need more sex.  Everyone does.  Even me (and my wife loves sex).  We need to get out of the idea that someone that has lots of sex is impure, and wrong.  Honestly, I think the holding till marriage is wrong.  How the fuck do you know that your mate is someone that you are sexually compatible with till you fuck them?  Fuck them first.  Fuck a few people before you get hitched.  It’s the only way to know.

So, go fuck someone today.