The People of Florida versus Max Hardcore

Well, Max Hardcore was convicted.  Was I shocked?  No.  Why?  Because this is Tampa, where the people have voted in extreme right wing, anti-porn, people for as long as I remember.  But, why is it “it’s the right wing, bible thumpers”?  Does everyone know that everyone on the jury was right wing?

Just a few questions.

2 Responses

  1. You know, it is a strange case… Even if the woman was about 18, she shouldn’t play 12 years old girl… It is not right, not mention how disgusting it is… But he did not brake any rule… I cant believe, that they could convict him… But this just ensures me more, that USA is one of the worst place on earth to live…

  2. In Britain, BDSM porn will soon be illegal to own. Also, a woman in that country was convicted of aiding in her own assault.

    Many countries allready have laws against BDSM.

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