The People of Florida versus Max Hardcore

Well, Max Hardcore was convicted.  Was I shocked?  No.  Why?  Because this is Tampa, where the people have voted in extreme right wing, anti-porn, people for as long as I remember.  But, why is it “it’s the right wing, bible thumpers”?  Does everyone know that everyone on the jury was right wing?

Just a few questions.


I’m in the process of writing another novel.  Hopefully, this one I will finish.

I have set up a new blog for the novel, it can be found here.

Woman pulling on mans dick

Well, that got your attention, didn’t it?  Maybe the title is a bit off, but still.

This story is about a woman that was so outraged that her husband was into BDSM porn, that she “man proofed” their computer.  What the fuck?  Ok, the guy has been hiding his addiction to porn, and his want for BDSM for over three years, but still.  Instead of attempting to understand that these are sexual wants, not needs (or he’d find a Domme, or a pro sub but now), she blew up at her.

Now, I can understand part of of it.  He had been hiding it from her for some time.  But, it’s not like BDSM isn’t in music, television, and everything else out there.  If he really wanted to go look at porn, he could have gone to a porn store, and wacked off while in the video booth.  Or, he could have gone crazy due to his wants.

Instead, the woman pulls on his dick.  What do I mean by that?  Well, it’s simple, really.  She took him to a shrink, who told him it was his mothers fault.  Why?  Well, she wasn’t there for him, so obviously that’s why he wants to watch women be degraded.  I’m not sure if I buy that or not.  It just seems….stupid is the word I’m looking for.

I would give more credit to the wife if she said “hey hunny, I understand that you seem to need some spice in our love life.  Maybe I can try some of the easier things with you”.  No, she blew up.  That seems a bit out there.

Then again, it’s better then this story.  Girl killed by crackheaded boyfriend of mother.  Boyfriend admits to killing girl.  Simple, right?

Not really.  It seems, because the mother is into BDSM, the guy should not get the max penalty.  Why that’s important?  I don’t really fucking know.  But, it seems that it is.

In other words, if your kinky, don’t let a family member get killed.  Your kink will get put on display, and it may just change the fact that the killer is getting death/life to 50 years or some shit.


Well, I have started to do something I’ve wanted to do for some time.  And, that’s create a shop for adult products.

It’s not complete (and will not be for a few weeks), but, what the hell.  You can visit it here.