At least till Sunday, I will not be posting.  I just got a job at a local paper (in advertising), and need to reset my sleep schedule.

On the other hand, if you want to advertise in Pinellas, Florida, leave me a message.  NON EROTIC ONLY!  I know that’s where 90% of my traffic comes from, but it’s for the older, Christian crowd.  Though the former owner, and everyone else I’ve met, are fucking awesome.  The amount of racist/sexist jokes (the former owner being black, so he throws them out all the time.  Such as he was driving through Florida, saw a sign for Yee-Haw City Limits, laughed, then said “OH SHIT, I’M BLACK”, and sped off.  At least that’s what he said)
To see an old issue (was on hiatus as the old owner was selling), go to thefloridacitizen.com.  The paper used to be known as the Senior Saver, but that seemed, as the sales manager says, like rocking chair paper.