BDSM: It’s Not What you Think

Well, I have been dreading going to this site here, and looking at the information for a BDSM documentary that is coming out. Of course, nothing on the site really gives any information, besides that the name of the file is BDSM: It’s Not What You Think. So, what the hell is it about?

Considering one of the Doms in the film is an adult film star, I’m a bit worried. Yes, he’s been active in the lifestyle for years, but just having a porn star kinda bothers me. Also, the cover art looks like it belongs on a porno, not a documentary that purpose is to change peoples views on kinksters. It also seems to be taking the Doms view, as there is one sub (I think) listed as a crew member. Continue reading

Coming back

Due to my host failing (I know the reason, but it still sucks), I’m moving back here.  I really don’t want to lose all the extras I had, but I have no choice (and,now, bina gets to laugh at me.  She told me this was going to happen….)