One of the posts on Fetlife made me think of this one.  And I don’t mean my own kinks, or your kinks.  No, something a bit different.  How do people think about OTHER PEOPLES KINKS?  That is the question.  Now, I don’t have stats, or surveys to back up my thoughts here.  Instead, I have the words of people on many BDSM/Lifestyle forums to thank for the way I view this.  Why?  Because I spend way to much of my time there.

For a group of people that should be extremely open minded, kinksters in general seem to be closed minded when it comes to kink.  Now, what do I mean here?  It’s simple, really.  For some odd reason, when someone hears about someones kink, there’s a part of the mind that goes “that’s just wrong”.  That, in turn, colors the way people talk about kink in general.  I’ve seen way to many flame wars pop up because “My kink is better then your kink” then almost anything else when it comes to some forums (*coughcollarmecough*)  At the same time, people go “well, we’re open about your kinks”.

I can’t honestly say that I’m outside of the mold.  I just don’t understand age play, and many other types of kink.  Why?  Because it just doesn’t fit what I want.  And, honestly, never will.  It’s simple, really.  As I don’t understand it, I don’t like it.  And what people don’t like, they sometimes get the view of “why should anyone do this”.  Even the most well intended person can get that view, and then have issues with someone else over it.

The point of all this?  Think about what your typing, or saying, before you do.  If you would find offense at the way it is said/written about your kink, then just do say it.

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