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BDSM Porn Illegal in the UK

So, searching around cyberspace, and I come on this story. It seems, that by Jan. of next year, that “Violent Porn” will be illegal in the UK. Now, I don’t live there, so why the hell should I bitch about it?

Simple. Now that it’s illegal there, more groups will try the same here. I’ve read articles of people being arrested in the UK for “aiding in their own assault” when dealing with Kink, and it’s against the books in some way in most of the US. But, my issue is really one line in the story, from the woman who has been fighting for this law.

Quoting Liz, mother of Jane, who was killed by a man who had violent porn.

” Sometimes the freedoms of like-minded, decent people have to be curtailed because of a few others.”

Why? Why should I have to have my right curtailed because someone couldn’t see the difference between fantasy and reality? Does this mean that all TV, Movies, and Music has to stop because someone can’t (oh, they are allready trying to do that, see Marylon Manson and ICP). Or, is it because some people think that, just because I’m into BDSM, or violent porn, that I’m going to go nuts, and kill someone?

Personally, I don’t watch kinky porn. I just don’t really get off on WATCHING someone, unless it’s straight sex. Most people that watch it know that not everything in it can be done by the average Joe. Soon, just having images of situations were someone MIGHT be killed or have serious harm inflicted apon them will be illegal. Which mean, by the way, most television and movies (I haven’t read the law itself, so I’m not one hundred percent sure.) This also means that sites such as Bondage.com and Collarme.com will become off limits for those in the UK, due to the fact that they are now illegal.

So, why the fuck should BDSM porn be illegal ANYWHERE? If it’s between two adults, and no one is killed, who the fuck has the right to tell me I can’t watch it? And, my main question is, who the fuck is going to enforce this law? “Sir, we need to check you PC to make sure there is no violent porn on it” is going to be the new way to get in your house.

Then, wearing a collar is illegal (can already get you kicked off the bus in the UK), then walking your fucking dog will be illegal.

Why do people allow these laws to pass?

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