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BDSM Play: Flogging

Been a few days on my BDSM play posts. And, honestly, I’m slowly running out of things to write about when it deals with Play Time. Why? Well, because I’m only going to write about things I know about, and that I do on a semi-regular basis. That’s what brings me to flogging.

Why would that bring me here? Well, it’s simple. I’m a sadist. And sadists like to hurt people. Now, there are many other ways to hurt people besides flogging. But, there’s just something about having a flogger in hand that makes it more worth it then anything else. Perhaps it’s the way it feels, or the sound it makes.

Now, the problem with floggers is that it can be very, very dangerous. Most of the toys that someone new to the lifestyle will pick up are simple things from the porn store. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. The good part is that they are NORMALLY softer then the ones that a leather shop can make for you. The bad part is sometimes they are much harder then you want, and can easily cut the skin of your partner.

Always, ALWAYS, make sure that you have the right flogger for the person you are beating. Some people enjoy a softer touch, so you want rabbits fur (or faux rabbits fur for your soft hearted people). If the person is a big pain slut, then you can buy floggers made with ball chain, or with studs in the leather.

If you have the money, having a flogger hand made for you is preferable to a mass produced one. Better yet, if you have the skills, make them yourself. There are plenty of step by step guides out there on how to make any toy you may want to make. I’m sure, with enough searching, you can find out how to make your own dolls.

Also, keep in mind that some people call bull whips floggers, others will not. Some will call any multi fall flogger a Cat o’ Nine Tails, others will look at you crazy for calling anything but a 9 fall flogger that.

And, as always, be safe.

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