Wikipedia and BDSM

So, going through one of my forums, I found out that one of the kinksters is also an editor at Wikipedia. Now, as many know by now, Wikipedia is not the BEST source out there for many things. However, generally, I have found it to be on the good side. But, that of course doesn’t mean there aren’t bad editors out there.

In example, going through the talk history of some of the BDSM topics shows that people want them deleted. Why? Because two thirds of the information out there on BDSM is found on websites/blogs/and forums. Now, my words have not been printed anywhere, as far as I know. Which means, even though people have said they like my discussions of BDSM, that I would not be a reliable source. Why? I’m one man. At least, that’s what I say. It’s easy to be whatever you want on the internet.

So, this one guy has taken it upon himself to start removing very informative information. Because people have been giving information from websites. Now, normally, I’d have very little problem with this. However, BDSM is a very, VERY, personal experience. Just because I like using rope, doesn’t mean that it’s the correct thing to use. I have read articles and books that have the same content (how to tie simple knots, how to look for the best flogger), and each has different “starting” material. Why is this? Because everyone started out differently.

BDSM isn’t like baseball, or guns. There is no “correct” way to do anything, besides what you and your partner(s) want to do. In the same vein, there are no incorrect ways to do MOST things. As long as the people consent, there is no great harm or death, who is to say something is right or wrong? Obviously, Wikipedia thinks it can tell when theres good advise on this. Now, I understand that Wikipedia wants to be an encyclopedia, but, BDSM isn’t something that is highly standardized. Hell, the hanky codes aren’t even standard, as each area has their own.

I was considering editing some of the BDSM articles. But, then I thought about it, and decided that it would really be a waste of time. As, well, I can’t really cite any source that isn’t myself, or some website. Well, I can cite a few books, but I get the feeling that the man editing the articles doesn’t care for them.

So, my advice? Learn for yourself, instead of attempting to go through Wikipedia. Or, find someone with some experience that will take you under their wing. Just, please, please, don’t use Wikipedia as your number one source.

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No hosting

So, I was wrong, I have no way of finding decent hosting for free.  So, I will not be leaving at this time.