Clintons True Colors

And I do mean colors. I just have this issue with lefties saying they don’t like racist comments, and then one of the Poster Boys (sorry, Gi….no, I was right, Boys) lets out a nice one.

As reported by CNN, Clinton let it all hang out. The fact that only the White Vote counts for the Dems. She was quoted as saying, “These are the people you have to win if you’re a Democrat in sufficient numbers to actually win the election,” she said. “Everybody knows that.” Now, to make sure it’s in perspective, the reason she said that was that polls are showing that whites are turning from Obama. However, polls are also showing that SHE is loosing the white vote. From 65% to 60%. So, where are they all going?

Of course, now that she’s said a racist comment, the lefties are coming out of the woodwork saying that she has to go. I’m sure the the righties are saying the same thing. Not like the Dems are all on the same field here. At least on the Reps side, they figured out that they wanted McCain quickly, and that means that he was able to keep his warchest, where both Clinton and Obama will have to find more money somewhere else.

As was brought up to me by a friend, who is a Clinton supporter, those voting now aren’t seeing the issues. Their seeing a woman, and a black man. Fuck what they stand for, as that’s not important. Fuck that Clinton is illegally a Senator (as she had not been living in NY for the amount of time needed. Yes, she had a house there, but she was LIVING IN WASHINGTON D.C.) Fuck that Obama has little experience. No, we need to vote for them because their minorities.

Now, I’m not all gung-ho for McCain, as I’m a Thompson supporter. However, I will put out here now, if Clinton wins, I’m voting Rep. If Obama wins…..well, I’ll do more research, and get back to you on that one. I want to see his skeletons, his voting record, and his ability to lead before I say I’ll vote for him. But, I just might lean a bit left on this election, even though I wanted Bush over Kerry. And, Bush over Gore. And Bush Sr. over Clinton. But, I only got two of the three I wanted. Now, if Libermann were to run, I’d be solidly behind him.

I don’t want national health care. I want more money going to Police, Firefighters, Military, and Teachers. I want the money going to religious centers for any reason to stop. I want this country to be one of the best in the world. I also want those that come here from other countries to learn English (my Norwegian, and Indian fore fathers did, and at least the Natives had to learn the language of those that took their lands.) I would even support National ID cards (oh, wait, I have one, it’s called a Social Security Card). But I don’t want the two faced bitch known as Clinton.

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