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It seems that people are looking for a page rank checker. So, I will link to the site that I use. Then, I will link to a few others that are out there. All of the page checkers I’ve found that have buttons use code that I cannot use on, so you’ll have to look into it yourself.

Links are as follows (this one doesn’t seem to be working after the last page rank update)

You can also sign up for google webmaster tools if your the webmaster. However, that just shows the page ranks of pages (with a graphic that I still haven’t figured out).

Also, you can check out to see who links to you through google. The site also give you code that you can add to your website to see your link popularity.

It comes out like this Who links to my website?

As you can tell, this blog is still so new, that Google has no stats for it. That, and the cached thumbnail is old.

Dad kipnaps, imprisons, and rapes Daughter for 24 years.

Yet, “cared” for his secret family. Now, those that only read the bad about the Gorean Lifestyle will go, “but wait, I thought enslaving and raping were your cup of tea?” Not really the same thing here. Mainly, as this is his own fucking daughter. And, well, I believe in CONSENSUAL slavery (the only type that is legal).

In the last 24 years, he has fathered 7 children with his daughter. So, now, he has 7 children and GRANDCHILDREN at the same time.

However, he did have these words to say.

“constantly knew, over the entire 24 years, that what I did was not right, that I must have been crazy because I did something like this”

So, for 24 years, he KNEW that he was doing something wrong, yet, his fear of arrest (as stated in the article that I will be linking to) kept him from coming forward.

From the way the article reads, he’s going to try for whatever insanity defense is allowed in his country. I say shoot the fucker, and be done with it. If he wanted a live in sex slave, he could have easily found one, not using his own flesh and blood to do so.

My question, where was his wife all this time? They adopted one of the kids, so I’m assuming that she knew SOMETHING about what was going on. Why didn’t she do anything to stop it?

Source: CNN

BDSM Play: Humiliation

Humiliation. This is one that many people just don’t understand. Why would anyone want to be humiliated, and then get a sexual charge out of it? Well, I’m not going to get into why people enjoy BEING humiliated, but why people enjoy humiliating others.

Now, to understand why people enjoy humiliating others, you first have to understand a basic part of human instinct. And that is to be top dog. I really don’t care if your male or female, you want to be the best at something. Even if that means the best slave in the pen. No one really wants to be Omega, and even those that say they are happy in middle management have their eyes set on those above them. That’s were humiliation comes to play.

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