Broke 100

With about 40 minutes to go for stats for today, I have had over one hundred unique views of the site today.  Again, on an average of 10 percent of those coming back tomorrow, that’s at least 10 people who will return.  It’s starting to look like it might not be a bad time to start looking into hosting.  For those that are actually reading this, what do you suggest.  I’ve had issues with 1and1, godaddy, and Hostgator.  I won’t really need all that much space starting out, but I will need a good bandwidth for the site.

Might also rebuy the old name I had when I was attempting to start a forum.  If the 10 percent of you want that to happen, donate.  I’m currently jobless, so having at least the first few months paid for would be a world of good.  I also need a host that will accept paypal, but that’s besides the point.

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