Gorean and BDSM

Thanks to a post at Alternative Albany, I have come up with another post on Gorean and BDSM lifestyle choices.

And that is, is the Gorean Lifestyle also part of the BDSM world?  Many who identify with Gor would say no, but I have a few thoughts on that.  And those thoughts are as follows.

When someone takes a slave, or becomes one, they are now within the BDSM world.  As I stated in a previous post, BDSM has the terms Bondage, Discipline, Dominate, and Submissive in it.  Therefore, if you take on one of the roles in the acronym, then you are now part of the BDSM world.  Yes, I’m looking at you, Goreans.  Just because you get no sexual excitement from whipping your girl, does not mean anything.  I constantly tell people that MOST relationships can be considered to be BDSM in one form or another, do to the practices in most relationships.

Most Gorean Men want to be separate from BDSM.  Why?  Well, it’s really simple.  Gor has a bad rep as it is, and when you add the bad rep of BDSM into it, then there are issues.  When many Goreans don’t understand switches, or safe words, then there is an issue when the BDSMers start complaining about “What the hell do you mean you don’t use safewords?”  The problems that causes are not small.

So, can someone who follows the Gorean Ideal NOT be part of the BDSM scene?  Well, yes.  If they never take a slave.  If they never are a slave.  If they never punish or are punished, because of the Gorean Ideals.  Then, yes, they are no longer part of BDSM.  But, as long as at least ONE of those parts are in the relationship, then you are a member of the general BDSM scene, and can be considered to be following a BDSM Lifestyle.

Broke 100

With about 40 minutes to go for stats for today, I have had over one hundred unique views of the site today.  Again, on an average of 10 percent of those coming back tomorrow, that’s at least 10 people who will return.  It’s starting to look like it might not be a bad time to start looking into hosting.  For those that are actually reading this, what do you suggest.  I’ve had issues with 1and1, godaddy, and Hostgator.  I won’t really need all that much space starting out, but I will need a good bandwidth for the site.

Might also rebuy the old Gorean-Refuge.org name I had when I was attempting to start a forum.  If the 10 percent of you want that to happen, donate.  I’m currently jobless, so having at least the first few months paid for would be a world of good.  I also need a host that will accept paypal, but that’s besides the point.

What a Man knows

Found this site from Saffleurs’ blog.  Good article on Men in general, and how a man needs to be commanding.  I recommend all men read it.


Well, to get more people to know about the blog, I just signed up for many new services.  One of which is weblogs.com.  And what is this?  Really, just another free backlink here.  But, the other thing is that it may, in turn, bring even more people to the blog.

I’m not averaging about 50 people a day as unique hits.  Taking that maybe 1% of them will come back tomorrow, that means that about 5 people will read this on a regular basis.  The main advantage of this is when I can afford a domain of my own, and I’m able to add adverts to the blog, which may mean income.

Also, if you want to help get that going, you can donate to the cause, with the donate button on the left.  Just thought I’d put that out there…

Gendered Insults (AKA YOUR A BITCH!)

I found this blog here, that talks about gendered insults. Mainly, about the terms Bitch and Cunt. And how, oh my god, they can hurt the feelings of others. Such a sad state of affairs, boo hoo.

Now, I rarely use the term Cunt. That is saved for those that I hate the most amongst females. Come to think on it, I think I’ve called all of two people cunts. It’s not what it means (yes, I’m saying vagina), but the force of it. I could care less what people think about what I say, and that’s the same for cunt.

Bitch? What the fuck is wrong with bitch? Fuck, which the person who wrote the blog used a bit, is about sexual intercourse, fucking is about the act of the Man FUCKING the woman. So, how is this ok to use? This is just some hypocrisy used by the blogger. This is the feminist ideals the hurt my head.

Calling a man a cocksucker is sexist, but in the fact your calling him gay, not a woman. Calling a woman a muff diver is sexist, cause it’s calling her a lesbo. Calling a man a muff diver is generally considered a compliment, as that means that he can get pussy.

My wish for all people is to grow stronger skins. If it is gendered insults, sexual insults, or racist insults. I don’t give a shit. Grow up, and realize that as long as women call women bitches, and blacks (no, not African Americans, their only that if they were born in Africa, otherwise their Americans, and can get over the African part, or you can start calling me a Norwegian, Scottish, Irish, Native American)call blacks nigger, and Hispanics call Hispanics spics, it’s going to keep happening. When a certain part of the people use these terms against each other as insults, why the fuck wouldn’t the rest of the people do the same?

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BDSM Play: Bondage

I said awhile ago that I would post my thoughts on various types of BDSM play, and I decided that I would post my first thoughts today. And that play is Bondage. Now, the art of Bondage (and, yes, it can be an art) is different for different people. There is the power exchange that is involved, and can be very pleasing to the eyes. It really depends on the ideals of the person with the ropes, who is not always the dominate partner in the exchange. Continue reading