This one is a bit of a rant.  And it’s a rant about people.  There are a few people that have gotten this going, but I’m not going to name names, due to the simple fact I don’t feel like it.  Those close to the situation will know who I’m talking about though.

The first three I’m going to just simple call the three bitches.  Why? Well because they are.  I have issues with all three for different reasons, but the main one being that they decided out of the blue that fucking with my kajiras head was a great idea.  Now, I’m all up for mind games, but not when it’s non-consensual.  Now, the three bitches all are jealous of eshe.  Why?  She is something that they can never be, and that is free.  Obviously, not the free as in can make her own choices, but free as in she is generally happy with the choice she has made.

You see, each of them, at the very least, has a strong submissive streak in them.  No, I don’t think that they would be able to follow the Gorean Lifestyle, but that’s not important.  The fact that they are all to dominate for their own mental health.  And, at least one of them as admitted this to me in the past, but now denies it.

I could have lived with it, except that they decided to team up, and threaten to take my pets dog from her.  Because a deal was made, and now one of them can’t hold up to her side of the bargain.  It was agreed that we would take over payments for the puppy when we had jobs.  Well, we don’t, and the bitches don’t understand this.  And they wonder why we have no respect for them.

The other person I’m having issues with I’ll call bratty sub.  Better name that I have been calling her, which was cunt.  Now, bratty sub over a year ago met me and eshe, said she wasn’t looking for a Master at the time, and then got into a shame of a Gorean relationship with a man.  Constantly, she was told by everyone involved that he was going to hurt her, and leave her.

Then it’s found out she’s pregnant.  Not only that, but, while they had no jobs, were living from house to house, were TRYING to get pregnant.  Now, first, that to me just shows that they didn’t have a clue in the world about how things work in the real world.

And, after I told her that she was not going to be in eshes life anymore, I found out they were still talking.  Of course, I held that more on eshe then anyone else.  A few months ago, eshe finally snapped, and told the bratty sub that it was either him or her, and the bratty sub choose him.  Why?  I have no fucking clue.  We told her that after she gave birth, that he would leave her (which he did five or six times in the time before the baby was born).

Well, the bratty sub gave birth in January.  The man left her yesterday.  You see, everyone told her NOT to call them to just get ahold of eshe, especially late  at night.  She still did last night, call everyone that she could.

Now, somehow, I get the feeling that the bratty sub not only will want to get on my good side, but find a way for me to help her care for her two children.  That is NOT going to happen.  Maybe, just maybe, if she didn’t have two children from two different men that she was “in love” with, I would consider changing my stance on her.  But not anymore.  I was done with her months ago, and still am.

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