Google Page Rank (or, how do I get it?)

Now, there are many ways to add to your google rank. But why would you? Well, there are a few reasons that adding to the Page Rank is a good idea.

First and foremost, google states that Page Rank is the backbone for how your site shows up in their index. That means that a site with a pagerank of 0 will show up on page 1,000,000 while a site with a page rank of 10 may just show up on page 1. Of course, if your attempting to drive traffic to your site, being on page 1 or 2 is much better then page 10. I know I generally stop viewing after page 3 when searching for a specific term/website. We’re in the information age, yes, but we are also in the Now Age. Which means, people want that information now, not later.

Also, just having the page rank shown on your blog/website is a great thing. People are more likely to come back to a site that has a high page rank then one that has a low page rank. You see, people think that the Big G has all the answers. Therefore, it stands to reason, that when a site has a high pagerank, then there is a reason for it.

Now, what they forget, is that high page rank really only means that they have multiple sites linking to them. One way people do this is by signing up for free directories, or digging their own content. Hell, I know I do. I may not be making an income on this blog, but the reason I write in it is for more people to come and read it, not as a personal diary. No matter that it’s listed that way in more then one directory (unless you’ve gone through and attempted to get your site indexed, you wouldn’t understand how many directories out there do not have the correct category for websites. I read recently as many as 50% of websites are not in a correct category on Yahoo.)

So, how do you get on page one of Google/Yahoo. Well, Google says that to get there, not only do you need to make sure that your content is good, but you use keywords in the text. Now, what do I mean by keywords? Notice how many time’s I’m mentioned Google or pagerank in this text? That is what their talking about. You want the title, the text, and any tags/categories also to have these keywords.

For the bloggers out there, that means to go to google, type in keyword generator, and you should get the adwords keyword site. Type in what your talking about (such as I typed Google Page Rank), and you’ll get some information on how many people search for those keywords.

Yes, if you check the pagerank of this blog, you’re going to come up with either a N/A, or a 0. Why? Well, this blog has only been up for a few weeks, which means that it hasn’t been given a page rank. I really don’t expect it to gain that rank till the next update. I have had sites in the 5-6 area, but it’s hard to keep them that high.

Now, another idea that I have come across, and it seems to help bloggers, is to keep that front page moving. It seems the crawl rate for Googlebot is tied to how often your front page is different. When I started this blog, Googlebot would crawl it every 10 days, now that I update two to five times daily, it’s about every 3 days. My goal? For Googlebot to crawl it every day.

Now, there are somethings that you need to watch out for. Link Farms, where you just leave your link, and others pick it up, with the hope that you’ll do the same. Same with any “paid SEO service”. Googlebot can look for these. Now, yes, everyone in my Link Exchange has a back link to me as well. But, that’s because I enjoy their blogs, and read them every so often. Now, those in my blog roll/friends blogs may or may not have back links to me. Those are ones that I go to and read when they are updated.

Also, leaving comments on blogs DOES NOT HELP! There is an attribute called nofollow. What that does is tell Googlebot and other crawlers NOT to follow that link. As such, they don’t see it as something to follow, and it doesn’t aid your pagerank.

In conclusion, the best thing to do is keep your site/blog updated. Eventually you’ll get the all important traffic from Google. Sometimes, for things that your site doesn’t even have (I get more traffic from google for gorean art, and nude pictures, then I do from Gorean Philosophy)

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