RPers versus Lifestyle in Gor

This is another one that deals with Gor itself, not Cartoons, or BDSM in general. Now, what some don’t know is that there are two sides to those that follow the Gorean Philosophies, the RPers, and the Lifestylers. Now, there is a difference, and the debate on which is correct will rage forever, but, again, this is about MY views, not the views of everyone else in the world.

The main difference between the two is simple. There are those that follow the ideals online, in Second Life, or at play parties. These are the ones that generally give Goreans a bad name, forcing any woman in a chat room to do serves, or saying that they will ride their Tarns to attempt Slave Luck on some city. Now, many of them are fulfilling a fantasy, something that they feel is dark and deep within them. They don’t realize that sometimes these fantasies can be much better in the real world. Others are doing this as they don’t have the self confidence to do anything in real life. Generally, they are also the ones that think being Gorean means you either are a slave, or own a slave. They miss out on the rest of the experience, and the real reason for the books in the first place. And that’s the Male Empowerment, as a fight against Feminism.

Even Dr. Lang never thought people would follow is thoughts as a lifestyle. He doesn’t say it’s a bad thing, just that he doesn’t own slaves, wield whips, etc. This is were I think the RPers sometimes get it better then those of us who attempt to live the way the books say we should. It just seems that some people will never grasp that somethings are better left to fiction. Now, yes, I own a slave. Yes, when she does something wrong, she is punished, and sometimes thats physical (normally it’s emotional). However, branding a person with a cattle brand is not the way to do it.

Us Lifestylers, on the other hand, do what we can to live daily what we feel the books mean to us. That ranges from “owning” slaves, to being the best in our fields, to a thousand other things. We live by the ideals of Honor, and Justice. We all feel that the place of a man is in the dominate position, however, understand that sometimes we cannot be that way, do to work, and society as a whole. But that does not mean we give up.

Some brand their girls, others give them tattoos. Most of us give our girls a collar, and a “slave-name” that they can be known by. That’s if we have a slave. Others amongst us just live our lives by the ideal, and shake our heads when some dip shit of a man who is abusing others calls himself Gorean.

We have a bad name in society. Many people just don’t want to deal with the fact that there is a group of Men and women who believe that Men should be on top, and not women. That women would be happier if some of the stuff that is on their plate would be taken away. We are attempting to make that a reality, at least in our little corner. That is the main difference between RPers and Lifestylers in Gor.

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