RPers versus Lifestyle in Gor

This is another one that deals with Gor itself, not Cartoons, or BDSM in general. Now, what some don’t know is that there are two sides to those that follow the Gorean Philosophies, the RPers, and the Lifestylers. Now, there is a difference, and the debate on which is correct will rage forever, but, again, this is about MY views, not the views of everyone else in the world.

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Life Saver

I got a new Blood Donor card today, saying that I’m a life saver.  It seems that my blood has saved six lives at this point.  Just a nice note for today.

Indian Babies

Got this from Beat Entropy.  As the post there says, watch the video first.

Baby being droped on blanket

Now, I’m the first to say let peoples beliefs be.  If they think tattooing a girls upper lip to look like she has a mustache is a good idea, so do I!  But, on the other hand, there comes a time when doing something is just stupid.  If the kids were teens instead of babies, I’d have less of a problem with it.

I’m more worried about the kids being killed for something stupid then anything else.  Yes, Darwinism at it’s best, but this is Darwinism that is the stupidity of their parents, not themselves.  I would rather die because I jumped from a tower, then my stupid father thought that it would bring me good luck in this life.

There is over population.  There are jobs going to India.  But, isn’t this suppose to be a liberal country?  Then why the fuck are we sending jobs to a land that will allow this to go on?  Hell, I’ve been out of a job for almost three months, and some guy that was thrown off a building gets it instead?  How does that work?  I understand that stupid is the least common denominator, but still.

Now that I’m off topic, I’ll give it a rest.