Bad blogger

No Bone.  I haven’t been updating the way I wanted to.  But, that’s because I WAS working.  Now, I’m not.  So, therefore, I should be updating more often.

Also, I’m in the process of adding something that, hopefully, will do something for my money woes.  More will be added later.

Faceparty bans over 36

Well, this was news to me. Did you all know that those over the age of 36 are the one’s most likely to be sexual predators? I don’t recall reading any study that shows this.
However, swinger site Faceparty has now deleted profiles of those over the age of 36. Why? I’m not really sure. They claim that the UK government forced them to. But, that same government has taken a Don’t Look stance on this issue. You would think, after doing something to aid “the children”

Wait…to sign up for FaceParty, you have to be 18. So, why the fuck is it a problem? These people are “adults”, therefore have the ability to go “hey Mike, I’m meeting this person I met on this website. I’ll call at 5, 6, and 8. If I call, and I mention my birds, then somethings wrong.” That’s just standard operating procedure for most people meeting someone for a blind date. Why should it be different for meeting someone from a website? That whole “safe” thing? Continue reading


At least till Sunday, I will not be posting.  I just got a job at a local paper (in advertising), and need to reset my sleep schedule.

On the other hand, if you want to advertise in Pinellas, Florida, leave me a message.  NON EROTIC ONLY!  I know that’s where 90% of my traffic comes from, but it’s for the older, Christian crowd.  Though the former owner, and everyone else I’ve met, are fucking awesome.  The amount of racist/sexist jokes (the former owner being black, so he throws them out all the time.  Such as he was driving through Florida, saw a sign for Yee-Haw City Limits, laughed, then said “OH SHIT, I’M BLACK”, and sped off.  At least that’s what he said)
To see an old issue (was on hiatus as the old owner was selling), go to  The paper used to be known as the Senior Saver, but that seemed, as the sales manager says, like rocking chair paper.

Got a fucking job

Finally, I got a fucking job.  Will be selling advertisements for a small local paper.  Pays 12 a hour, plus commission.  So, everything is going to fucking work out after all

BDSM: It’s Not What you Think

Well, I have been dreading going to this site here, and looking at the information for a BDSM documentary that is coming out. Of course, nothing on the site really gives any information, besides that the name of the file is BDSM: It’s Not What You Think. So, what the hell is it about?

Considering one of the Doms in the film is an adult film star, I’m a bit worried. Yes, he’s been active in the lifestyle for years, but just having a porn star kinda bothers me. Also, the cover art looks like it belongs on a porno, not a documentary that purpose is to change peoples views on kinksters. It also seems to be taking the Doms view, as there is one sub (I think) listed as a crew member. Continue reading

Coming back

Due to my host failing (I know the reason, but it still sucks), I’m moving back here.  I really don’t want to lose all the extras I had, but I have no choice (and,now, bina gets to laugh at me.  She told me this was going to happen….)

Adult Space

Welp, I’m in the process of setting my profile up on another social site, this time one called Adultspace.  This one, unlike Fetlife, looks like a rip off of Myspace.  But, we’ll see how things work out, and if there is any use of me keeping it up.  I have enough problems keeping up with Facebook and Fetlife, and I have no job currently…