Happiness/Health index

Ok, so now they’ve come out with an index of your happiness versus your health.

So, who would have thought that those that are constantly sick are not happy?  Not something I would have thought of, no sir.  I thought those that were sick were REALLY happy all the time!

This is just another step in the wrong direction.  Instead of telling us those that are unhappy are struggling, do something about it.  Most people will go through a period of their lives that they struggle in, it’s really a fact of life.  Unless you are REALLY lucky, there will come a time when you can’t make bills, or you just don’t have the money to do as you need.

I find it sad that people had the time to do this.  I also find it sad that 100,000 thousand people are the benchmark for surveys in this country.  Many cities have more people in them then that.  Why not make if half a million, or EVERYONE in the damn country.  Also, how many people are lying?  That’s always a consideration.  As my old Statistics professor said, it is not a science, but a guess.  And that was coming from a man who made hundreds of thousands a year getting statics for major companies in Florida.

Now, I am happy, normally.  However, I have health issues, as do many people in the US.  Doesn’t help that I smoke heavily.  However, that means nothing.  I know plenty of people who have been well off, and happy, but have health issues.

Also, from the article I read, it seems that just because your struggling to make ends meet, your either unhappy or unhealthy, if not both.  So, that means to be happy, I have to have LOTS of money.  Most people that are struggling are doing so because they thought that getting that new car would be a good idea, never mind that Junior needs new braces, and the mortgage is coming due.  Hell, I’ve fucked myself to were I’m normally struggling, but, again, I would rarely say I’m unhappy.

So, my question for you, my faithful reader (and, yes, I mean reader), is this.  Are you unhappy and unhealthy?  Or can you be unhealthy and happy at the same time?

Source: USA Today

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