Old Cartoon Show

As I said yesterday, I would talk about cartoons next. And I will.

Now, I watch cartoons today, and all I see is crap. Yes, some of the cartoons I grew up with are no better (try watching the old GI Joe cartoons), but that doesn’t mean anything. See, those cartoons had a meaning, and a want to be better. Now, the cartoons are all about graphics and shock value.

Look at the Smurfs. Ok, so someone was on some nice drugs when they came up with the idea, but still. What is there that can really match the smurfs? Not really all that much, I think. They where cute, they had a story, and they didn’t just sit there and attempt to be anything more then a cartoon.

I just want to know why more cartoons can’t be more like that. I want to veg out with a cartoon, not get all riled up because of some agenda, or from the sexiness of the characters. Watching Gummi Bears, Yogi Bear, Duck Tales, what is there that really matches those old style cartoons? I want to know what is happening with cartoons, as they just SUCK now. When turning to Cartoon Network, unless I get really lucky, I change the channel.

Yes, old style cartoons may not have the same graphics. They may not have the same plots as the newer ones do. Technology has become much more then it used to be. But, as proven by the popularity of the Scobby Doo movies, there’s still something about the old style cartoons. And I want more of them.

Now, it’s also easy for someone with a sick and twisted mind to look at them, and find some jokes. All of two female Smurfs? There are also people who think Velma was a Lesbo, and I can understand why. But, still, it doesn’t mean a damn thing in the long run. Those are the types of things I want, not the “oh my god, their gay” that comes out now in cartoons (don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends are gay). I just have no want to play with new cartoons. I want the old cartoons shows back, the way they should have been. If I don’t get them, it’s possible I’ll just stop watching TV…..no, won’t happen, Law and Order, House, NCIS, those will keep me coming back.

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