Gorean – The Philosophies from the Books of Gor

Now, the name of this site is Gorean Refuge. But what does that really mean? And why would I say that it’s a refuge for Goreans when I’m the only one that blogs here? The whole point of this post is to explain why I feel the way I do about something that means alot to me, the philosophies from Dr. John Lang, aka, John Norman’s Books of Gor. Now, to some, this may offend, so please leave now if that is the case.

Cover of Tarnsman of Gor Now, as can be seen from the picture at the left, a mostly nude woman with her hands in shackles, and that is the image that most people have of Gor. They see it as an attack on feminist values (true), and a want to enslave the population (untrue). The books themselves were meant as a way for the Good Doctor to get his ideals out to the masses, as, at the time, he was black listed from publishing do to his views on Natural Selection. What that means is a part of any population is going to be naturally dominant over another part. And, to his thinking, and that of most Goreans, that is the male part of the population.

Now, I’m not going to go into his research, a simple google search can bring up that information. But, instead, I’m going to go into what I think of his writing, and why I base my life on it.

Before I go on, yes, Goreans have a bad name. Most of us do engage in BDSM, and the controversial Master slave relationships. However, that is not what Gor is about. Though there are those that will scream that the only way for you to be considered Gorean is to have a slave, or be a slave, there is much more to it then the roleplayers of gor say. There’s a reason there are many websites with the subheader Philosophies of Gor, and that’s what matters. The philosophies.

Now, a little background on the books for those that have not read them. The books normally start Tarl Cabot, who is a teacher on Earth. He finds a spaceship, his father, and a bunch of other things in his travels (including aliens that control humans on a primitive world). The hardest thing for him to understand in female slavery. You see, Norman went ape shit on feminists in his book, and almost all females you are introduced to are either slaves, or throw themselves at the feet of Men to become slaves.

However, that is not the philosophy. No, the books of Gor give what I follow every so often. Life your life with Honor. Make sure the Justice is done. Do not attempt to be something you are not. These are the things that I follow (ok, so I’m also the Master in a M/s relationship). Just like any philosophy, I follow it because I feel it. I have always attempted to live my life with Honor, even if I’ve failed at it. I have done everything I can to make sure that I see Justice done, including pleading guilty to breaking speeding laws, and shoplifting when I was a child. I feel myself to be a dominant male, as that is how I act. Now, as a Live Action Roleplayer, I can act submissive, but that is not me. The books of Gor have opened my eyes to many things in this life, and there are still many more to go.

Now, due to my belief in the freedom of speech, I will not censer any comments that may be left, but I may not reply to them if their a little to much for me to deal with at this moment in time.

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