I am sitting here playing Final Fantasy 12, and it got me to remembering. I still remember playing the FIRST Final Fantasy on the NES, and thinking “This game rocks”. No, it’s people my age that will play it, and still get that feeling.

It just seems strange to think that this was once what everyone considered the BEST of the BEST, and now we have such great graphics, games seem to go on forever, and you can have so many different endings. I have played video games that make me think I’m watching a movie, and that I have such a great impact on the plot of the game.

Yes, the graphics of the game of yore were from the best, but that’s what we had to work with. Our NES’s and Genesis, could not run what is out now. Then, a few years later, a great thing happened for us. The SUPER NINTENDO!

Yes, this was when you KNEW who made the systems, because their names would appear on them. But that is not all. The best games out there came from their own inhouse development. Yes, there were Final Fantasy games, street fighter, and all the rest. But noone could stop Mario or Sonic. This was what I spent the majority of my time growing up doing. Hell, I still do.

I sometimes want to go back to those simpler, 8-bit times, when you didn’t have to spend three hours to beat one area (unless playing Pitfall or Prince of Persia). When a little guy running around the screen was all you needed to make the day go faster.

Next, I’ll deal with Cartoons.

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