What to do?

Again, emo poetry.  Again, don’t remember why I wrote this.

Arrows have flown again,
And I have been pinned,
To love not returned,
And a life of hurt.

Her collar not from me,
If only she would see,
The pain I hold inside,
The pain that is mine.

Content with what I have,
But I want so much more,
To know she is mine,
And I’m not last in line.

Her heart in his hands,
Mine on a plate,
For any who wants to see,
What has come of me.

What am I to do,
Eros has hit the mark,
Though only on one target,
The other was shielded.

Her heart unwilling,
To allow another inside,
But now I have lied,
About what is inside.

I have said I am happy,
When Venus gets her way,
Lust grows in the heart,
But it doesn’t want to take part.

Her heart is what I want,
But my trust she has lost,
Because of actins of the past,
That will always last.

I wish to know,
What I have done,
To deserve this pain,
That comes down apon me like rain.

I have attempted to be good,
To all that I know,
But it doesn’t seem to be enough,
To get me out of the rough.

I just want to be loved,
Is that to much to ask,
For me to feel safe inside,
And not have to hide.

My emotions are guarded,
To all around,
Few can see,
What is means to be me.

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