The Time is Near

This was a poem I wrote for a friend that I had a crush on in the early part of the century.  It is listed as Unnamed on my deviant art page, but I have finally come up with a name for it.

The time is near
For you to know
that I will trust you
Till you tell me no

When the time is here
And I feel the pain
I will not leave
On the first train

The time for pain is over
The time for love is here
I hope that you wish
Me to be near

When you lose your heart
And someone makes you feel
That there is no tomorrow
And you are ready to steal

I will be there when it happens
I will be there to defend
Your heart and mind
And not let you desend

Into the crevise that you bulid
With your thought’s and pain
I will do everything
Till the demons are slain

And you can crawl into the open
Letting the light hit your face
Showing you that you are
Part of the human race

The time for action is near
And I want you to know
That no matter what happens
I’m here to show

That love is around the corner
In may heart and soul
That you are the one
And I will pay that toll

To be near you always
Having you close in my heart
When the pain slips aside
And I am part

Of your life

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