The Collar is Empty

BDSM and Emo, what a mixture.  Was written when me and a ex were having some issues.

The Collar lays,
Empty on the bed,
Even in the days,
It plays in my head.

Cupids arrow hit,
The heart gave way,
Just a little bit,
Till it wanted to stay.

Now it beats in pain,
It doesn’t want to hear,
But it’s been made plain,
It is not wanted near.

Now the arrows fly,
But not those of love,
The pain come’s by,
Giving the heart a shove.

Pain is all it knows,
Giving way to hate,
But it wants to show,
That maybe it’s not to late.

Glass shatters in the chest,
Falling into a hole,
It wants to rest,
Away from this toll.

Eros missed the other,
His aim to high,
However, his mother,
Was not so shy.

The body was wanted,
Even the mind,
The heart was shunted,
And left behind.

Empty lays the Collar,
Wanting to be full,
The heart wanting to holler,
You are a fool.

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