Ode to a sub

One of my favorites.  This was me writing to all the subs out there that I have never known, as well as those that I have known.

she turns her head,
Straining to see what’s going to happen,
To know what pleasure is to come,
To know what pain I am going to bring.

she’s tied to the bed,
Tounge moving back and forth,
Eye’s alight with passion,
Eye’s wondering what’s happening.

she moves against the rope,
Pain flaring in her eyes,
Wishing for realease,
Wishing for me to start.

she holds out with hope,
Knowing what is to come,
Pleasure welling from everywhere,
Pleasure from her heart.

she knows this is for me,
It starts when I say,
Letting me have my way,
Letting her feel the release.

she wishes to see,
But it is not in our play,
I want to take my time,
I want to let her please.

she moans her response,
That she can endure no more,
Pleasure erupting from her,
Pleasure for what I have done.

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