More Art

Added a new photo manipulation to the Artwork page. As it can be hard to find the new work, I’ll link it under the cut. Simple work, only took about 20 minutes, but looks decent. Transparent background, so it’ll look weird on crowded background.

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Rough Draft of Story

Extremely rough draft of 3 chapters and prologue. Spelling and grammar errors are every where. Only people and place names SHOULD be misspelled

The Dukes blue eyes teared over as he watched the sunrise over the river. Small craft filled the water, waiting for the noon time feast, knowing what today brought. The knighthood of the Dukes only child, Caspian. Most of the populace of LaGore, the county named after the Dukes long line, was going to be in the castle this day. As every year on the Summer Solstace, the peasents not working unless their jobs impacted the saftey of the County.

Waiting for his cue, the Duke thought back to the last few weeks. The hard training in both warcraft and statescraft. The games of chess to teach his son the value of not only strategy, but also of sacrificing others for the greater good.

“My Duke, it is almost time.” The sound of velvet cut through the air, as Perzia spoke the words that the Duke was waiting to hear.

“Yes Perz, I’m ready.” The Duke turned towards the woman, and not for the first time wished he took more lovers. She did not have the body of one of the town pretties, but he found her attractive nontheless. Her skirt was shorter and tighter then what is considered proper for anyone but a woman of the street, but noone said a word against her. Her long hair was pulled into a bun, a slight smile on her face.

“The Duchess said she’ll be down in a moment, my Lord.”

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Calvin Vandermeer’s Notebook

Here is a link to a writers page.  As every writer, he still has a long way to go.  But it is decent writing anyway.

Clavin Vandermeer’s Notebook

The Glass Breaks

Another emo poem.

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Ode to a sub

One of my favorites.  This was me writing to all the subs out there that I have never known, as well as those that I have known.

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